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Mathew Vaughan

Mathew Vaughan

July 18, 2022


Hi, my name’s Mathew and this is my new website. You may have noticed that before I used to use the trading name ‘Vasonic’ a lot. Well… things are changing. To those who are new, I’m a music producer and mixer with over a decade of experience. Along the way, I was able to complete a BA (Hons) in Digital Music and an MSc in Applied Acoustics; both from Solent University, Southampton.

Vasonic by Mathew Vaughan Logo.
Vasonic – White Logo

What Happened to Vasonic?

When Vasonic was founded, it was initially to satisfy a music business model for my Bachelor of Arts in Digital Music at Solent University. Since then and with the onset of COVID-19 I chose to complete a Master of Science in Applied Acoustics at the same university. This degree was initially to allow me to obtain a better understanding, as well as an appreciation for the science of sound itself. Little did I know where this would lead…

Little did I know that in January, I would go onto working full-time as an Acoustics Consultant. Since beginning this next-step in my career, I lost track of my work just a little with Vasonic and after months of deliberation, I found it was time to shake things up so that I can continue to provide my services on a casual basis.

Today, I’m providing the same great quality music production, editing, mixing and mastering services through a new identity… and what better identity to use than my own? Stay tuned, and you can find my socials using the handle @producermathew.

Are You Still Producing Your Own Music?

Yes. I’m working on stuff all of the time. So much so, Vasonic was not the only thing that had a shake-up! Not too long ago, I stopped using my producer alias ‘Matt Vorn’ with the aim to improve brand-image and create a better marketable ‘product’ where I can finally put all of my skills together and push a single and polished artist project now named just ‘Vorn’. You can find my new debut EP ‘Awaken’ on Spotify here.

To Conclude…

Whilst not a lot has changed, I hope that using my own name – as cool as the branding for ‘Vasonic’ was – feels more natural and better conveys who I am and how I can help!

If you’re interested in my services. Please, get in touch.

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