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Mathew Vaughan

Music Producer & Mix Engineer

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Some of my previous work...


Production, Mix & Master

by Mathew Vaughan

Produced, mixed and mastered by Mathew Vaughan. Arina Amoasii (p.k.a. Arina) is an up-and-coming artist hailing from Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom and born in Moldova. Mathew has helped Arina produce, mix, master and release multiple singles such as ‘Lie’, ‘Call’, ‘Forget You’ and ‘I’m Tired’. With these releases, Arina has gone on to secure airtime with the likes of local and national radio stations including BBC Radio.


Mix & Master

by Mathew Vaughan

Mixed and mastered by Mathew Vaughan. Rhys Moore-Haines (p.k.a. South West) is a producer and DJ from Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Mathew helped South West mix and master a variety of releases including ‘Little Longer’ and ‘Take Me Up’. With these releases, Rhys has gone on to DJ at many small UK clubs.

Rhys Moore-Haines DJ South West Bournemouth Mixed and Mastered by Mathew Vaughan

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