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Audio/Podcast Editing

Have any form audio that needs a fresh trim and polish? Mathew can help you by:

      • Restoring broken/poor quality recordings
      • Editing spoken word or podcasts
      • Removal of noise, clicks, pops, plosives and sibilance.
      • Automatic and manual pitch correction
      • Trimming & comping
      • Time correction

Have an idea for a new track, EP or LP and need a producer to turn your ideas into sound? Mathew can help you by:

      • Composition
      • Editing and arrangement
      • Recording synths/guitar/vocals/keys
      • Mixing and mastering to vinyl/CD/streaming standards
      • Distribution and marketing advice
      • Meetings to discuss your project

Have a podcast or track that is already edited and needs mixing? Mathew can help you by:

      • Corrective processing to enhance tracks
      • Creative processing to create a clean and crisp sound
      • Spectral processing to remove harshness
      • Low frequency optimisation
      • Stereo image enhancement with mono-compatibility ensured
      • Mitigation of phase and other artefacts
      • Mastering to vinyl/CD/streaming standards*

Have a fully edited/produced/mixed audio recording and need to ensure your audio file meets industry standards for vinyl/CD/streaming? Mathew Can help you by:

      • Production and mix feedback
      • Corrective processing to mitigate harshness and other artefacts
      • Spectral processing to add weight to the low-end, low-frequency separation and a smooth sheen to the high-end.
      • Dynamics modification to ensure optimal loudness and translation across multiple playback systems.
      • Mitigation of inter-sample peaking and file conversion-related artefacts.
      • Apple Digital Master certified**

* Mastering included free of charge with every production and mix.

** Apple Digital Master (ADM) specification masters are included with all masters at no additional cost. Upon delivery of master files, see enclosed instructions to enable the ‘Apple Digital Master’ format when distributing.

All services are carried out in accordance with Mathew Vaughan’s Terms of Service. Some projects such as Albums may require work to be completed within a separate service contract – please contact for more information.