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Original compositions and help with writing your song.

Professional Sound

Tracking with high-end equipment and techniques.

Mix & Master Included

Mixing and mastering is optionally included.

About Production

Whether you need help producing your next hit single, album or podcast episode – Mathew can help! At the hands of an experienced producer with over 10 years of experience, your project will excel in all areas of the music production process. When hiring Mathew, you’ll have help at all production stages from songwriting to arrangement to mixing and mastering. Co-production services are also available.

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Production FAQ

When you send your files, please provide me with as many production notes as possible and reference links to songs you’d like the production to emulate. When sending a Logic Pro or Ableton project, ensure that you save all audio files and freeze any tracks that include any third-party plugins or effects. Also make sure to compress/zip the project file. When sending audio files or a project file, use the ‘upload’ link at the bottom of this page to send me the files via WeTransfer. You may also send me files to my email: [email protected] when using an alternative file transfer service.

Mixing is the process that takes each individual track of your production and then applies a careful selection of processing. Each track is then summed together and forms a cohesive stereo mix. Through using spectral, dynamics, temporal and modulation effects, each element of your song or podcast can be positioned and processed such that clarity, depth, space, width and definition is achieved. After mixing, your production will then be ready for mastering.

Mastering is an essential process for every song or podcast that takes the final mix and prepares it for distribution. Processing is applied to the pre-master/mixed audio in order to achieve a sound that feels ‘glued’ together and sounding the best it can on multiple sound systems such as on studio monitors, your phone, laptop, cheap earbuds, expensive headphones and in your car.

The processing typically includes equalisation, dynamics modifciation, harmonic saturation and stereo field enhancement. When using a mastering engineer as opposed to a DIY or ‘A.I. Mastering’ approach, you’ll see results that can achieve a louder and wider sound-stage with a detailed and controlled sound. Mastering also ensures that playback of your song or podcast is optimal across all listening devices.

Unlike the mixing and mastering services, music productions vary in turnaround time. Typically productions are completed within 2 weeks to 3 months per individual track including mixing and mastering.

After discussing your project and sending over your audio files, I’ll return an individual quote to you based on your own budget and needs. Typically this will require an upfront 50% non-refundable deposit. After you have approved the mix, the final 50% will be due.

I have experience producing a variety of genres. I generally specialise in pop and electronic music production – although I have plenty of experience producing other genres too.

I typically use two methods of tuning. Firstly is auto-tuning by Antares, this may be used to nudge your vocals into key or as much as an effect if I’m mixing a rap project for example. The second method is using Melodyne to manually tune each syllable, word or phrase – although far more tedious, generally the results are smoother and less noticeable. I typically use Melodyne when tuning vocals on acoustic projects.

Vocal tuning and production can be completed on an individual basis. Please contact me for more information.

An Apple Digital Master is a master that is created to a set of specifications outlined by Apple, Inc. Whilst anyone can create a master to this specification, only a select few mastering houses are able to effectively ‘sign off’ an Apple Digital Master so that when you upload your music particularly to Apple Music or iTunes, you’ll receive the ‘Apple Digital Master’ badge on the release(s) and your music or podcast will be officially recognised as an Apple Digital Master.

I am fortunate to have my mastering services approved by Apple to provide masters in the Apple Digital Master format. When delivering the final files to you after mastering, you’ll see a version with ‘(ADM)’ in the name. If you’d like to upload your release via your distributor as an Apple Digital Master, please use this file when uploading and follow the attached ‘ADM Instructions’ PDF file.

Please note that ‘Apple Digital Masters’ or ‘ADM’ replaces ‘Mastered for iTunes’ or ‘MFiT’.

Music production is an iterative process. This means that during production we will discuss the track and revise as necessary until you’re happy and the track is completed. Once the production is completed and approved by you, you may request up to 3 free revisions to make any last-minute adjustments.

Production Testimony

Had a remix that didn't cut the mustard and was shelved. Gave it to Matt and was amazed what came back. A professional quality mix which can now be used.

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