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Mathew Vaughan

Mathew Vaughan

August 3, 2022

AMEK EQ 200 Review

I love Plugin Alliance! And especially so with one of their best plugin releases of all-time!

Unless you’re an audio engineer or general audio nerd, you will get bored of this blog post very fast. If not, stick around.

I always believe that we need to use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that we can exceed industry standards and deliver the best mixes and masters. Employing the Brainworx developed AMEK EQ 200 by Plugin Alliance is no exception to this philosophy.

The quality of digital software has excelled the quality of analogue processors. There. I have said it. The flexibility and accuracy of the AMEK EQ 200 enables us to achieve the same sonic quality as the legendary GML 8200 EQ and its Sontec predecessors. And the best part? No need to route, plugin, maintain or deal with hardware in any way…

Amek was previously an independently owned brand where it was famed for Rupert Neve’s help in designing the Amek 9098i. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are not deeply involved in pro audio, Rupert Neve is responsible for a few hardware brands under his surname. Rupert’s most recent project is none other than Rupert Neve Designs.

And to top it off, this plugin is available in the Mix & Master, MEGA and 29 Forever bundles for low monthly ‘rent-to-own’ style subscription fees. Or alternatively is occasionally on sale for less than $30!

The AMEK 200 EQ Verdict

Here’s how I rate this plugin out of 10:

  • Ease of Use – 8
  • Sonic Quality – 9
  • Feature Set – 10
  • Price – 8

Check out the Plugin Alliance Amek EQ 200 plugin page for more information, to try and to buy: Try/Buy

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